While most women go right after lipsticks or chase over foundations, my personal beauty obsession has got to be products for my face and specifically cheeks: blushes, bronzers, creams, powders, highlighters and shimmers, I love them all. …I think blush as well as shimmers have the ability to totally overhaul any look and bring your skin and features to be even brighter.


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I made a video about some of my favorite cleansing balms sometime ago and had couple requests for doing the same kind of video, but this time based on balms without mineral oil. I will not argue the mineral oil debate again here (I did mention it a little bit at the end of my film – so if you want to hear my standpoint on that you can take a sneak peek), but if you are more up to using a cleansing balm that’s mineral oil free, here are some that I’ve been testing lately and have really enjoyed…